with timely, compelling messages when and where they are making decisions.  These next generation signs, marry new flat panel and projection technologies with the internet. Now you can easily deliver timely, compelling messages to one or one hundred remote displays immediately, from any web enabled computer.  

Established in 2003, we specialize in fewer projects done superbly. There are two ways cBoard employs this technology in the Pacific Northwest.

cBoard 's well placed commercial displays in the greater Seattle area attract the attention of visitors and active, affluent local residents. Some locations deliver hundreds of thousands of viewers, while others pinpoint an upscale demographic.

Interior screens play a short loop of messages, providing each sponsor with outstanding frequency.  You control your portion of the loop to deliver still images or videos as often as you like, in real time, with many scheduling options.

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As the cost of flat panel screens falls, the cost of traditional signs escalates. This efficient new medium will enhance your communications program, while pleasing your bottom line. Now your messages can be timely with the impact of motion. Great content can be relatively inexpensive to create. You’ll likely find your current creative team is capable and energized to use this new tool.

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